Just like the name suggests, Buttered Bourbon's sound is crafted to be both approachable and nuanced, with a mellow quality that goes down smooth. After meeting in Atlanta in 2014, Jared and Martha Jean quickly realized their musical chemistry. Pulling from the wide-ranging grab-bag that is American music, they deftly maneuver from folk ballads to swampy blues to straightforward pop, each song elevated by the purity of Martha Jean's vocal delivery and Jared's unique, understated instrumentation: guitar, harmonica, flute, and the occasional tambourine.


Raised as a Southern Belle on Alabama's Gulf Coast, from an early age Martha Jean sang in choirs and played flute and piano. She grew up listening to classical symphonies and classic rock, often spending afternoons flipping between her mom's Andrew Lloyd Webber albums and her dad's Jethro Tull recordings. Later, MJ played and sang as a jazz performer, in an indie rock band, and even in broadway-style musicals. She draws on personal experience and literature to write songs. Her lyrical influences include poets like Billy Collins, authors like John Steinbeck, and songwriters like Carole King.


Jared first picked up a guitar at age 13, learning the bassline to "Louie Louie". Becoming increasingly attracted to the instrument the more he played, he formed his first band as a freshman in high school. Later, he picked up harmonica so he could "do something productive with his mouth". And while his roots are in blues and rock, Jared's musical style traverses many genres: he has previously played in Reggae, Middle Eastern, and Latin American bands, and listens to a far wider range. As a songwriter he leans toward lyrics that tell a story or capture a moment in time, and draws heavily on his own life to inform them.